‘Both Sides’: The West’s equalisation of blame enables Balkan aggression

Kosovo, Mitrovica: A man walks past a mural reading “Never Surrender” over a Serbian flag in the shape of the map of Kosovo. © Pierre Crom
Kosovo, Zubin Potok: A military vehicle drives on a bridge over the Ujman lake toward the boder with Serbia.
© Pierre Crom
Kosovo, Mitrovica: A NATO KFOR peacekeeper takes photos of North Mitrovica from a park funded by the European Union. © Pierre Crom

“Both Sides Must De-Escalate”

At the height of this security dilemma and the threat of violence by Serbia against Kosovo, the Western community is silent at best and complicit at worst. In all its current public statements, the EU has equated Kosovo’s reciprocity measures to Serbia’s blatant militarisation at the border.

Serbia, Belgrade: Serbian nationalists disturb the festival “Miredita, Dobar Dan!” promoting Kosovo Albanian culture. © Pierre Crom



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